31 May 2020
2020/03/16 - 20:52
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Statement of The Embassy of I.R of IRAN -DUBLIN

The dreadful coronavirus (Covid-19) is spreading all across the world as a serious pandemic threat to human society, bringing a growing number of people in various countries to the brink of devastation. It is now clear to the entire world that

The dreadful coronavirus (Covid-19) is spreading all across the world as a serious pandemic threat to human society, bringing a growing number of people in various countries to the brink of devastation. It is now clear to the entire world that coronavirus is extremely dangerous and contagious and infects all the human society without restricting itself to the borders drawn between countries. For this reason, it is incumbent upon all the countries to rise up unanimously against this calamitous malady irrespective of all political differences and geographical distances, and cooperate in minimizing its devastating human, economic and social impacts.

After the wide spread of coronavirus in various countries, the Islamic Republic of Iran did not remain safe from this lethal virus which was contracted rapidly during the past few weeks in spite of all the preventive and health-related measures. So far, some 10,750 people have been regretfully infected and 429 have sadly lost their lives.

Since the inception of the coronavirus in the country, the Islamic Republic of Iran, on the basis of its deeply-held belief in looking after public health as well as  its commitment in upholding all health-related rules and regulations at the national and global levels, has adopted and put on its agenda various measures and solutions to fight this fateful viral disease.     

During the past days and weeks, and indeed under circumstances in which the people of Iran are in need of international support and sympathy in their fierce and exhausting struggle against the spread of coronavirus, the US regime, unfortunately, has remained adamant in tightening the economic siege of the Iranian nation and threatens with sanctions the buyers of Iranian oil which is used as a source for the fight against coronavirus.   

Additionally, under circumstances in which all the countries of the world including Iran are facing and fighting with the human menace of coronavirus, the US regime and some of its allies are shamefully and disgracefully exploiting the situation as a political tool against Iran. 

Under these conditions, it is incumbent upon the international community to condemn vociferously the continuation and intensification of unilateral US sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran for the following reasons:


From the legal point of view:

The unlawful withdrawal of the US regime from the JCPOA and the re-imposition of unilateral, illegal and inhumane sanctions within the framework of the maximum pressure campaign against Iran constitute a threat against global health and have made it difficult for Iran to supply medical and pharmaceutical items and finance and transfer corona-related medical technology and devices to fight Covid-19. All this is happening under conditions in which the International Court of Justice has ruled to stop the US imposition of sanctions on humanitarian activities. 

The right to access health and the right to life are fundamental human rights issues which obligate countries to create appropriate conditions for the public to enjoy such inalienable rights. Therefore, creating any obstacle or restriction on the public access to health, medicine and medical equipment especially under conditions in which the global community is facing the real danger of coronavirus constitutes a violation of the right to life.

From the ethical point of view:

While the people of Iran are grappling with one of the world’s most serious epidemics, the US regime is exploiting and exacerbating the status-quo. There is no doubt that today the entire planet is on the same boat. If the boat is damaged, all passengers will be affected. And therefore, the United States should not be allowed to sacrifice global public health for its arrogant political motifs and objectives. This is against ethics and international etiquette. Political parties all across the globe, irrespective of their political inclinations, alongside mass media as important pillars of democracy, should take serious note of this inhuman act of the United States and condemn it vociferously in its entirety.  

The United States should remove obstacles it has created on the way of improving global health. The US, despite its proclamation, is deceiving the global public opinion and has imposed sanctions purposefully and in a targeted manner to deprive the Iranian nation from receiving international aid and assistance and even from purchasing the required medical devices and equipment.   


From the political point of view:

The world countries may illustrate differences on many political, economic, border, customs and even cultural issues; however, under emergency conditions such as natural disasters or when global health is in jeopardy, all countries are obligated in accordance with the internationally-recognized and customary jus cogens to help remove restrictions and terminate sanctions. Under these conditions, the US has refused to remove obstacles in practice and has indeed created further restrictions on sending medical devices and equipment by third countries to Iran. In fact, the United States has utilized sanctions as a political tool to harm global public health and sanitation.   

The US regime claims that medicine and food are not under sanctions. Yet, it is enforcing sanctions on financial transactions and money transfer preventing companies, in practice, from selling medicine and medical equipment to/from Iran. This has had adverse effects on Iran’s health and medicine sectors. Unfortunately, some in the US and in an inhumane reaction have disgracefully expressed pleasure with the inception of coronavirus in Iran and have considered it in line with the maximum pressure policy of the US regime. This is while our citizens are losing life as the result of coronavirus and Donald Trump is maliciously intensifying unlawful sanctions targeted at exhausting public and private resources required by Iran to fight fatal Covid-19.

And above all, an anti-Iran group which has close relations with the Trump administration has asked multinational medical companies to stop trade with Iran with the objective of halting its fight against coronavirus. Moreover, Mark Dubowitz, the chief executive of the Defense of Democracies (FDD) which provides Trump with recommendations and policy lines has delighted himself by disgracefully suggesting that: “Coronavirus has done what American economic sanctions could not: shut down non-oil exports”.     

Therefore, the Islamic Republic of Iran calls on all the world’s freedom-seekers to seriously stand against this vicious US measure in imposing sanctions against a nation who is fiercely and painfully fighting with the corona virus.     

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